“This fall, Informa reveals an entirely new blueprint for the fashion business.

Beginning in August 2019, MAGIC will be hosted under one roof, in one home, as one collective. The decision to unify MAGIC was made to increase connectivity, cooperation and opportunity for its customers. Logistically, this means a shift from two venues to one. Fundamentally, it’s a new perspective and a sharpened commitment to building a singular, powerful experience for our entire industry.

The heart of MAGIC is a vibrant ecosystem — and its continued vitality depends on facilitating the platforms and conversations that fuel individual categories and markets. Cultivating these communities is imperative to the authenticity of every brand we serve and what they stand for.

Informa is committed to reigniting the MAGIC ecosystem by investing in new experiences on the show floor, additional educational programs, year-round micro-events and initiatives that foster more business for our customers.

This is just the beginning of how we will be evolving and redefining MAGIC as a fashion and culture experience for both brands and retailers.

We hope you’ll join us this August in Las Vegas as we bring together the best of fashion at one event.”

Managing Director of Informa
Fashion Exhibitions Business